Grow with music

FlötenspielerinSince it was founded in 1994, hundreds of children and young people have gone through music school and discovered their love for music. For them, the Rocinha Music School turned out to be an oasis of harmony, peace and education in the midst of violence and criminal energy. By making music and singing, they find valuable perspective and hope for their lives. They take pride in what they can do and perform successfully in concerts to show what they can do. This gives them self-confidence and self-esteem. The founder of the music school, Hans Ulrich Koch, is particularly proud of the fact that many former students have already been able to work in the music school, study at universities or learn a good profession. They all experienced the music school as a hopeful bridge to a self-determined, fulfilled life in dignity.

These successes spur us on to expand our offer, on the one hand in the Rocinha itself, but also in other favelas, in order to give many more children the chance to discover their talents.

The Rocinha Music School is financed exclusively through donations that are collected by the Hoffnungsklänge e.V. Association and 100% forwarded to the Music School.