Children sing and make music in the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro

“Music heals, music comforts, music brings joy!” (Yehudin Menuhin). With this motto from the mouth of Yehudi Menuhin, our non-profit association Hoffnungsklänge e.V. supports a music school in Rocinha, the largest slum in Rio de Janeiro. In the midst of unworthy living conditions and the rule of the drug cartels, we give the children the chance for a better education and a future. Since 1994 children and young people have been taught to play an instrument and to sing a choir free of charge. In this way we impart new values to them and give them the prospect of a life in peace and dignity.

We are proud of the youth orchestra, in which everyone plays with joy and love for music.

Rocinha Music School Youth Orchestra

The Brazilian authorities praise the Rocinha Music School, but are not willing to provide the necessary financial resources. That is why our association collects donations to support this valuable work.