Submitted by Hans Ulrich Koch on 15.01.2018

Next screenings of the film "Music for the Slums"

After the premiere of the documentary "Music For The Slums" on June 5 at the Kamino-Kino in Reutlingen, further screening dates have already been set:


Music for the Slums. Music school in the Rocinha favela gives hope

Rio is a city with many faces. Here the downtown city with its glittering business center and beaches like Copacabana, there the favelas that climb the hills, where hundreds of thousands have to live in small huts in a confined space.

In the film " Music for the Slums " we dive deep into the world of the "Favela". It shows in a differentiated way which problems the residents are confronted with in everyday life and how difficult it is to free oneself from this situation.

In one of these favelas – the Rocinha – we meet Uli Koch, a teacher from southern Germany who has been successfully supporting a music school project here for many years. With all his energy he fights against the gap between “rich and poor” and helps to organize free music lessons for the children from the favela. The music enables the children and young people to look into a different, better world - beyond poverty, prostitution, crime, violence and drug trafficking …

After the film, the project initiator and co-producer of the film, Uli Koch, will be available for a discussion. The evening's donations go to the music school in the Rocinha.

Director/camera/editing: Joachim Stall.
Second camera: Claus Conzatti
Assistant director: Maike Bouschen
Editorial staff: Joachim Stall und Uli Koch
Organization/Crowdfunding: Uli Koch
Production: Joachim Stall - Medienproduktion Reutlingen


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