Submitted by Hans Ulrich Koch on 01.07.2019
The choir of the Rocinha Music School

The Rocinha Music School celebrates its 25th anniversary

On June 2nd, 2019 the Rocinha Music School celebrated its 25th anniversary. It was an overwhelming celebration with over 800 visitors and outstanding performances by our choirs, ensembles, bands and our chamber orchestra.

The mood was exuberant, typically Brazilian, but also emotional and thoughtful. The statements made by many of the pupils' mothers and fathers that the music had visibly changed their children were touching, especially the statement of a mother who thanked her overjoyed that her son fell in love with the music and got away from drugs as a result.

That gives us courage to continue working for these children and young people.

The orchestra of the Rocinha Music School


The wind ensemble of the Rocinha Music School


The music teachers at the Rocinha Music School


The public


The anniversary cake